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Bodegas del Viento began a little over 12 years ago, when convinced of the great potential of the Sierra de Arteaga area in Coahuila, we started with this wine project that has been successfully carried out. Our company is 100% family owned and Mexican, which are part of the values we seek to transmit in our wines, the essence of family, of our lands and of the hands that make them. Being pioneers in this wine-growing zone, our wines have been characterized by having their own personality. Our wines clearly represent the characteristics of the area in which they are produced and show that they are produced with great care and attention, from the vineyard to the bottle.


Our size has allowed us to give a very personalized approach to our vineyard and winery processes. Our philosophy is based on making wines from the field, respecting the varieties and achieving the best possible results. We like to believe that our wines are not made with recipes, but each one is the result of a lot of effort and passion, but also, of the unique conditions that nature offers in each vintage. We combine traditional techniques and the highest technology to offer our customers a pleasant experience with our products.


Since the beginning, our wines have been made only from our own grapes, in addition to being processed and bottled on the same property. With this we manage to control the quality at all times and preserve the uniqueness that our land represents. Currently there is a planted area of vineyards of 14 hectares, of which only half is in production. The varieties we have are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir and Shiraz; which give life to a line of 7 different labels.


We are proud to mention that we are one of the few wineries in Mexico that successfully grow the Pinot Noir grape, one of the most elegant and exclusive in the world.


What makes us unique:

  • A continental climate and a height of 2,100 meters, where warm days and cool nights predominate, giving our wines special characteristics.
  • A longer maturation cycle of the grapes than in other wine-growing areas, resulting in a higher concentration of colors, flavors and aromas.
  • A unique natural acidity, which provides characteristics that favor and prolong the shelf life of our wines.
  • Thermal amplitudes that can be up to 25 degrees centigrade.
  • The wines are made with 100% our own grapes and within our facilities.


Despite having relatively little time on the market, our wines have been successfully positioned on the most demanding palates. We have been a reference of the changes that the national wine industry is presenting, specifically what is being achieved in the state of Coahuila. Proof of this are the multiple awards and medals that have been awarded in various competitions of national and international stature and of which we are extremely proud.

Paleontological Landmark


Did you know?

Descendants of the Chichimecas, they inhabited the south of Coahuila. Their name, Huachichil, comes from the Nahuatl, Quachíchitl, which means “sparrow”; “head”, meaning “red or red thing”.

They were given this name due to their habit of dyeing their heads in a red tone, which gave them the appearance of a sparrow.

They considered themselves “the children of the wind.” They sang songs to the sky observing the stars asking to escape lightning, thunder and all supernatural forces.


Located in the Ejido Huachichil, Bodegas del Viento, like its former inhabitants, face the challenges that nature imposes through light, land, water and air.

Every day they overcome struggles that make them stronger and turn adversity into their strength, endowing the wines produced here with their unique character.


”Vinos & Dinos” a wine and paleontological tour which came toghether thanks to the unified efforts between society and government, offers our visitors a unique tourist experience in Mexico.





45 min. from Saltillo
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