Hacienda del Marques

Towards the Desert

Hacienda del Marques

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In 2010 founded by the Madero Ruíz family direct descendants 4th generation from Evaristo Madero Elizondo, Hacienda del Marqués began to see the ligth. Among centuries-old pecan threes at Parras de La Fuente Coahuila, privileged for the climate and fertility of their lands we find the ideal place “terroir” ; together with the best selection of vines, imported from France from the prestigious Casa Mercier, the effort of a boutique wine company is consolidated.


Counting on the finest varietals such as, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot and Malbec, know carefully developed with the highest technology but retaining that traditional touch of what is hand crafted.


With a large area of Vineyards and Wineries for the winemaking of their grapes, Parras de la Fuente constitutes a route of Eno-Tourism. During the first three decades of 1600 the vine was grown in vast planes of the Parras Valley along with small wineries that processed wine.


Fernando Madero and his son Fernando Andres have dedicated the past years developing a family of fine wines that have the new world´s touch from Chile and Argentina to California and Australia where Fernando Jr. was educated in the wine culture, HACIENDA DEL MARQUES has the touch of the highest quality crafted wines that are served at the winery on marvelous tours to the finest restaurants of Mexico´s metropolis and North America.

Paleontological Landmark


Did you know?

The Kritosaurus sp. was discovered in the surrounding area of Sabinas, Coahuila. It was exceptionally long, with 11 meters in lenght and 3.8 meters height. It is the most complete skeleton fossil ever found in Mexico.


The front part of its snout ended in a flattened beak, which is why they are also known as “duck-billed” dinosaurs who lived 72 million years ago.
At that time, the Parras de la Fuente Valley was formed by a tropical ecosystem full of jungle plants; and where, today, we find a semi-desert vegetation, which is ideal for growing vines and where the spectacular wines of Hacienda Del Marques are produced.


”Vinos & Dinos” a wine and paleontological tour which came toghether thanks to the unified efforts between society and government, offers our visitors a unique tourist experience in Mexico.








90 min. from Saltillo
1+ Age