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Hacienda Florida

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With an extension of 40 hectares of beautiful and leafy walnut trees in the General Cepeda Region, very close to the City of Saltillo Coahuila, a dream was born of converting those beautiful lands into Vineyards.


Having Casa Madero as neighbors (and friends), the founders of Hacienda Florida decided to prepare to enter this exciting world and to dedicate themselves fully to the wine industry. Motivated by the growing market for wine consumption in Mexico, Hacienda Florida decides to plant its first vines in 2012.


During the first years, the production was only enough to supply some restaurants and weddings of friends from the Coahuila Region, which is something that brings pride and joy to the whole team. Today, with an annual production of 5,000 boxes, Hacienda Florida is present in the best restaurants in the demanding market of Mexico City, Monterrey and of course, in Coahuila. Even with such a short life span, the wines of Hacienda Florida have fascinated sommeliers, chefs, connoisseurs and restaurateurs, a preference that today translates into medals and high marks in important competitions.


The vineyard, which started with just 5 hectares, gradually increased its plantation to reach 20 today, projecting a medium-term increase of eventually reaching

50 hectares in production. This vineyard paradise is already accompanied by a modern underground cellar and a beautiful terrace with a restaurant where social and artistic events take place.


There is no doubt that when dreams and illusions are accompanied by a lot of passion and discipline, they not only become reality, but they surpass it by far!

Paleontological Landmark


Did you know?

Its name means ”Sail forehead from Coahuila” and the head of this dinosaur is its most relevant feature, on which a crest with a peculiar shape similar to the sail of a boat can be seen. The function of this ridge is still unknown. It is estimated that this dinosaur reached 7.5 in length weighing about 3 tons.


It was discovered here, in the municipality of General Cepeda where it commonly lived and which today is home to Hacienda Florida, a winery that produces wines recognized as enological jewels, which are made possible by the wonderful union between the geological evolution of the region, its soils, diversity of the past and semi-desert climate.


”Vinos & Dinos” a wine and paleontological tour which came toghether thanks to the unified efforts between society and government, offers our visitors a unique tourist experience in Mexico.







45 min. from Saltillo
18+ Age